The Coalition Challenges the Secretary of State and Election Practices in Georgia

Look what happens when a small, volunteer-run, nonpartisan, nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization focuses on election transparency and verifiability. And watch our progress in bringing election integrity to paperless Georgia assisted by your donation that will exclusively support the legal work.

The Coalition’s Newest Effort

Please read about February 9th’s electrifying yet very disturbing development on our Current Projects page.

On Friday, November 23, we filed suit in the Superior Court of Fulton County to contest the erroneous result in the Georgia Lieutenant Governor’s race. The historically large number of “undervotes”—or “drop-off in votes” in Georgia’s terminology—indicates a problem with the election system. Georgia’s system relies heavily on paperless, unverifiable electronic voting. Therefore, the correct outcome in that race cannot be known from the data available, so we are seeking a new election for Lieutenant Governor.

During the 2018 General Election

Georgia’s laws permit rejecting a mail ballot if the voter has made tiny technical errors when signing the envelope. Coalition for Good Governance helped five Georgia voters file a mail ballot lawsuit on October 15 against then-Secretary of State Brian Kemp, the State Election Board, and the Gwinnett County election officials. This lawsuit grew out of the longer-term election security case that the Coalition initiated against then-SOS Kemp and other officials to stop Georgia’s use of unauditable paperless voting machines.

The Coalition’s Continuing Lawsuit to Change to Paper Ballots

On October 12, Rachel Maddow told her viewers about the Georgia scandals that Coalition of Good Governance has been fighting since summer 2017. She mentions our case (beginning at timestamp 8:20), calling it the “good government group’s lawsuit”! She explains that the Georgia government’s response to our lawsuit was to wipe the servers’ memories so that no further information about possible hacking could come to light. She also portrays [then-SOS] Kemp’s partisan attacks to disenfranchise nonwhite voters via misuse of law enforcement and with the cooperation of the state legislature.

During the election, then-SOS Kemp controlled Georgia’s entire voting system including every voting machine and tabulating computer. Kemp himself was running in a close race for governor, which he won.

The press has not described how easily any Georgia Secretary of State (or unknown colleagues) can rig the electronic machines without a trace. That danger is why Coalition for Good Governance is fighting for paper ballots for all Georgians. The Court determined that voting on the electronic machine system was unconstitutional, but that ordering a switch to paper ballots without more preparation time could also burden the right to vote.

Because of the disenfranchisement as described by Rachel Maddow and many Georgians, we are now asking the Court to require (1) electronic pollbook corrections and security now and (2) paper ballots for the December runoff and any other elections and the 2019 elections, while we await the 2019 hearing on the merits of the paper ballots case.

Action Needed

Requests for absentee (paper) ballots spiked during the November election in Georgia, so we know our legal work is having a good effect. Please support Coalition for Good Governance and keep the momentum going to protect the vote in Georgia. I am asking you because we volunteers truly need support from donors like you to help pay for the legal work. Please be part of our effort to bring paper ballots to Georgia voters.

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