Rule for manual recounts presented to State Election Board

On Wednesday, May 8, 2024, Executive Director Marilyn Marks will present CGG’s proposed rule on manual recounts to the Georgia SEB.
Summary here.

The Coalition Challenges the Secretary of State and Election Practices in Georgia

Look what happens when a small, volunteer-run, nonpartisan, nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization focuses on election transparency and verifiability. And watch our progress in bringing effective challenges to unauditable electronic voting systems in Georgia.

The Coalition’s Lawsuit to Ban Touchscreen Voting System

Our long-running lawsuit, originally filed in 2017 with an important mid-case victory in 2019 when the federal court banned the Diebold touchscreen system, went to trial in January 2024, as we seek to have the current touchscreen system likewise banned. The evidence plaintiffs presented at trial was compelling. We are awaiting the Court’s ruling.

You may review the Plaintiffs’ opening statement slides here.
The Plaintiffs’ closing slides are here.
Our proposed Findings of Fact and Proposed Order can be found here. It provides a particularly good overview of the evidence presented at trial.

We are discovered the breach of the statewide system in Coffee County, Georgia and exposed it using the discovery in the Curling case. We proved in court that this theft of Georgia’s software and the distribution of it to unauthorized actors has placed all future elections at risk. Our discovery provided much of the evidence that led to indictments against multiple individuals, and two guilty pleas in the Fulton County RICO case. But our efforts to hold Trump’s allies who stole the software accountable for this massive damage to Georgia’s election security are far from over.

The Coffee County perpetrators and Coffee County officials destroyed and concealed many highly relevant records during our Coffee-related discovery. We have sued Coffee and their attorneys asking the court to sanction them. Our final brief in that case is here. We have asked the Court to order the county to produce the many records wrongly withheld and concealed.

The state has made no real efforts to deal with this threat to its voting system security. The State Election Board and Secretary Raffensperger have simply chosen to look the other way, avoiding their duty to investigate and mitigate the statewide continuing breach. Raffensperger told the public that his investigators knew of the Coffee breaches early on and “dug deep” to get the evidence, but when put under oath in the courtroom, the investigator admitted that he was told to open a file but “hold off” on any investigation. (Secretary Raffensperger fought the court order to personally testify about his own conflicting stories.)

CGG is not “holding off!” CGG will continue this fight for transparency and accountability and to unearth the Coffee facts, as we continue to seek an accountable voting system in Georgia.

Marilyn Marks
Executive Director
704 292 9802