The Coalition Challenges the Secretary of State and Election Practices in Georgia

Look what happens when a small, volunteer-run, nonpartisan, nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization focuses on election transparency and verifiability. And watch our progress in bringing effective challenges to un-auditable electronic voting systems in Georgia, assisted by your donation that will exclusively support the legal and forensic work.

The Coalition’s Continuing Lawsuit to Obtain Hand-Marked Paper Ballots

On October 12, 2018, Rachel Maddow told her viewers about the Georgia scandals that Coalition for Good Governance has been fighting since summer 2017. She mentions our case, calling the Coalition the “good government group.” She explains that the Georgia government’s response to our lawsuit was to wipe the servers’ memories so that no further information about possible hacking could come to light. She also portrays [then SOS, now Gov.] Kemp’s partisan attacks to disenfranchise nonwhite voters via misuse of law enforcement and with the cooperation of the state legislature.

Our February 2019 discovery of 130,000 missing votes in the 2018 Lieutenant Governor’s race led to some national press coverage, but it took the Atlanta Journal-Constitution until August to alert Georgia voters to the scandal. At that point, Maddow again covered the Coalition’s efforts and gave an explanation of why the missing votes were so disturbing. We are still seeking forensic discovery of what happened to those votes so that it won’t happen again.

We are now fighting Georgia’s terrible decision to purchase electronic ballot marking devices that encode the voter’s choices into a barcode on the voting machine printout. The unverifiable barcode is scanned to tabulate the votes. The voter is forced to cast a vote they cannot read.

The press has generally not described how easily electronic machines can be rigged without a trace. That danger is why Coalition for Good Governance is fighting for hand-marked paper ballots. The Washington Post ran a recent story explaining some of the issues at play in our lawsuit.

Action Needed

After our August 2019 victory that got un-auditable paperless touchscreen machines banned in Georgia, we are now asking the Court to ban electronic touchscreen ballot marking devices and require electronic pollbook corrections, paper pollbook backups, and hand-marked paper ballots for future elections. Please join our efforts!

Marilyn R. Marks, Executive Director
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