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Lisa Cyriacks, President
As a freelance writer, independent researcher, and journalist, I am very invested in maintaining regulations that require openness and transparency in government. Over the years I have also taken on roles of public trust and served on many nonprofit and local organizational boards, including as a trustee for local governments. In this capacity I am well aware of the challenges and importance of keeping lines of public communication open and the role of accountability in securing the public’s trust.

Marilyn R. Marks, Vice President and Executive Director
[bio to come]

Mary Eberle, Secretary
I’ve spent most of my professional life editing for geologists and other scientists. Since 2010, I have devoted myself almost completely to working on election integrity, mainly in Colorado. In that work, I do a lot of editing for my colleagues. I also analyze election reports and data in much the same way as an editor would look at them for publication; I check for internal consistency and “does it make sense?” Unfortunately for election integrity, the answer is often “No.”