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Coalition for Good Governance’s work is focused on protecting voters’ rights to fair elections. Your financial support makes possible the success of our mission.

Our top priority today is our Georgia COVID-19 lawsuit demanding safer voting opportunities in the pandemic. It is a ground-breaking lawsuit, seeking a broad group of protections no voting rights group has tackled. Most of the safety measures we seek are intended to cover all 2020 elections, presuming that the pandemic safety measures will still be needed in November. Here is a list of some of the key measures we seek. We are seeking a Reconsideration of the Court’s erroneous ruling and expect to continue to promptly proceed with the case.

To remind you of our recent work in protecting Georgia’s elections:

  • Coalition for Good Governance v Raffensperger (pending)—COVID-19 voting protections (filed April 2020).
  • Curling v Kemp/Raffensperger (pending)—landmark victory (August 2019) ridding the state of unconstitutional paperless touchscreen machines (filed July 2017). The case continues now against the new touchscreen ballot marking devices (amended to address BMDs September 2019).
  • Coalition for Good Governance v Gaston (Sumter County Election Board) (pending)—challenging the violation of the secret ballot in use of BMD touchscreen machines that display votes publicly (filed February 2020).
  • Martin v Kemp—successful litigation to stop improper rejection of absentee ballots on technicalities (filed October 2018). Resulted in significantly more votes counted and a change in the law.
  • Martin v Raffensperger (originally Coalition for Good Governance v Crittenden)—litigation to challenge the 130,000+ missing votes in the 2018 Lt. Governor’s election (filed November 2018). Court denied discovery. Cause of the missing votes is still unknown.

Your donations exclusively cover the direct costs of the Georgia federal lawsuits. Executive Director Marilyn Marks devotes full-time effort to the Coalition’s work. She does not receive compensation. Likewise, the plaintiffs, directors, and volunteers devote many hours each week to the Coalition’s work, also without compensation. The Coalition does have heavy legal expenses associated with our three pending lawsuits.

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