Join our effort to fight for 2020 election security in Georgia

September 12, 2020

Dear Friends,

The stakes are clear–our constitutional right to have our votes counted hangs in the balance in Georgia.

After two days of hearings, which will resume Monday before Judge Totenberg, the amount of compelling new evidence the Coalition presented to the Court included

  • how inferior ballot scanners and arbitrary software settings are discarding some votes,
  • why audits of election outcomes are not possible with the vulnerable Ballot Marking Device system,
  • how an updated backup paper pollbook will reduce polling place lines, and
  • how serious security vulnerabilities discredit the new voting system, including the electronic pollbooks.

Our nationally recognized experts include Philip Stark, inventor of risk limiting audits of elections, Harri Hursti, ethical hacker and co-founder of Voting Village at Def-Con, and Kevin Skoglund, a software developer and expert in voting systems.

Will all Georgia voters be able to vote on hand marked paper ballots in the upcoming general election? This is the core issue that the Court will decide after closed-door testimony concerning Georgia’s current voting system’s security vulnerabilities concludes on Monday.

Can you make a contribution now to help with attorneys’ fees and experts’ work? Your investment in our battle for election integrity is making a difference, yet there is more work to be done on the Georgia case to ensure that our votes are secure and fair.

As the State of Georgia’s counsel told the court: “You would be the first judge to find that Ballot Marking Device systems infringe on our constitutional right to vote.”

This case could impact voting throughout the United States. Can we count on you to support the essential battle for simple, secure, and defensible elections?

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Thank you for your support!

On behalf of the grateful Coalition for Good Governance Team,

Marilyn R. Marks, Executive Director
c/o Board Secretary, Coalition for Good Governance
1520 Cress Court, Boulder, CO 80304
(704) 292 9802

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