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Debunking #MikeLindell's latest claims about GA 2020 election in his draft SCOTUS document--
I've annotated some of his false claims about GA in the document linked.
Hard to imagine any attorney signing this! 1/


Very important issue @GovKemp raises w/ State Election Bd for investigation. The so-called "RLA" ("audit") was, as we @CoalitionGoodGv have been saying, highly flawed, inaccurate and unreliable. Finally, @GaSecofState and SEB cannot ignore the facts! 1/

Want secure GA elections? Demand secret and hand marked ballots for secure Nov. 28 municipal runoffs!
Here's the letter we sent to all election officials today.
Forward it to YOUR local officials and ask for secret ballots marked by hand. 1/

We @CoalitionGoodGv wrote Cobb Elec. Bd after their distressing decision that continues to violate voters' GA constitutional rights to secret ballots.
Excuse--"consistency" with 11/2 election!
Cobb, it's never too soon to stop violating voting rights! 1/

@TypeMRT Software-based systems are inherently unreliable, especially against malicious tampering. This has at its roots foundational theorems of computer science, all the way back to the Halting Problems. In practice, actual systems are even less reliable than that.

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