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3/ Our lawsuit seeks to secure the voting system with optical scanner counted hand marked ballots and audits, and eliminate the hackable touchscreens. It becomes even more urgent now.
Please support our David and Goliath fight!

@OSET I should also note that the reason I recorded the phone call was that Hall started the phone call by saying, "I hired a hacker to hack your litigation files and we cannot find something we need and I want it!"
I decided to let him talk and hit the record button.

That just doesn't hold water. Of course you can recover or reset passwords with administrator access. Of course, Dominion could help them reset the password. This absurd excuse falls apart even more because the administrator claims she never changed the password. 10/

Also,worth noting in this report is the dodging, ducking and inconsistencies from the @GaSecofState. After evidence surfaced in the lawsuit brought by @CoalitionGoodGv that a breach may have occurred the SOS office claimed in depositions that an investigation had been launched 7/

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