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We @CoalitionGoodGv want your views on what GA should do about its recently disclosed secret ballot problem.
Take the survey and let us know.
If you are not aware of the recent issue, read the thread below. 1/

Video Clip #5
From @richardsdoug @11AliveNews news-breaking interview with SOS Raffensperger about the GA voting system breach.

Essentially Doug is asking, "Doesn't SOS teach investigator trainees in Investigations 101 to pull the security video?"

Video Clip #4
Continuing with the revealing interview of Raffensperger conducted by @richardsdoug of @11AliveNews-- Doug asked what happened in the year after SOS sent an investigator into Coffee County in May 2021 re: a potential breach. 1/

Video Clip #3
@richardsdoug asks the right question of Raffensperger.
"When did SOS first learn of Coffee County [breach]? "
Watch Raffensperger's answer that destroys any credibility his office had with on Coffee issue-- and see 🧵below for what they told the Court.

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